Monday, April 14, 2008

where the roses never fade

Remember my beautiful birthday roses? They were BEAUTIFUL. They opened up and lasted longer than I thought they would. They did eventually start to fade and dry up, and the day I finally threw them away I couldn't stop singing,

I am going to a city
Where the streets with gold are laid

I am going to a city

Where the roses never fade.

Granny is already there waiting for us. She went home 11 years ago today. Isaac
only knew her for a short one and a half years, and Sophia never got to meet her.
We love and miss you, and we'll see you soon, Granny!

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ox, nana said...

Granny would be so happy to know we are especially remembering her today, as she is 'always' in our hearts! I can recall her sweet voice singing ... Beyond the Sunset and Amazing Grace. Yes, how comforting to know she is once again young that land where the 'roses never fade'. I'm looking forward with you Sharie, to a glorious reunion with Granny, one day soon!