Wednesday, June 11, 2008

another ordinary miracle

I've never really liked the color green. Until now. The Redwood forests along the California coast were beautiful and very, very green. The trees were tall, yes, but the clover and ferns and light made them all so magical.
3 in fairyland

I may have left my heart in Bandon, but I think a piece of Craig's heart is in this forest.
craig's forest

The bark was taken off the bottom of this tree almost 100 years ago by two brothers.
debarked 100 years ago

3 in a tree

Not only is Isaac getting tall, he's getting very strong! I don't stand a chance arm wrestling against him anymore, but he's got a long way to go before he'll beat his daddy! Can you spot him holding the tree out of our path?
strongman in forest

While the filtered light from the VERY tall trees may have been magical, it made for slow shutter speeds, and I don't think Sophia stood still once. That girl has more energy than... I don't know what. Well, ME, that's for sure.
ghost in the forest


new growth-old growth

bed of clover

So do you think Home Depot could color match some of these Redwood forest clovers and ferns for my new kitchen color?

And of course, there's nothing magical about this place at all, but rather another example of God's amazing creation. How blessed we are to have been able to enjoy this beautiful, little corner of earth!

It's not that unusual, when everything is beautiful. It's just another ordinary miracle today...


ox, nana said...

What's not to love about the color 'green' and miracles big or small?

Jenn said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of your vacation. Looks like fun was had by all!!