Monday, June 09, 2008

golden gate goodbyes

I don't like this photo. Not one bit.

golden gate goodbye
One, we're not there anymore.
Two, it was the last evening of our trip.
And three, worst of all...look how tall Isaac is getting. Just look. Or better yet, don't.
He can't really be that tall. When did (almost) 13 years fly by?

Speaking of flying by, it was just over a month ago we were
1 giddy family heading out on a
2 week vacation with a
3 hour time change and
4 frequent flyer tickets on a
5 hour flight.

Once we got there?
We only drove 2415 miles.
We only spent 2850 dollars.
We only took 3019 pictures.
Okay, so *I* took 3019 pictures, but who's telling?


ox, nana said...

Mercy! Isaac's new 'altitude' and all this 'high math' is making me dizzy! he he

Jenn said...

What a wonderful trip!! Thanks for sharing your special memories with us. I can't believe how big BOTH your kids are getting. Such a special time - the kids will treasure it forever!