Friday, June 27, 2008

"got work?"

blue eyes smiling at you

My baby left me tonight to go off into the big, wide world to find a job. This girl needs some money. Bad. She's got her eyes fixed on a fancy bike and needs money to make up the difference from the other bike Mommy and Daddy are willing to buy her.

So who does she call? Who does she always call when she needs wants something? Yup. She called Nana, who was more than willing to come pick up a pretty little migrant worker to help spread manure in her garden. Or pick up sticks out of the yard. Or carry rocks. Or whatever else fun can be found at Nana and Papaw's.

Have fun and work hard, sweet Sophia! I miss you! I hope to get a few things done here as well, if I can stop staring at your adorable little face. xoxoxo

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