Monday, June 23, 2008

Isn't this sweet? 43 years, and counting.
43 years and counting

I guess Dad was getting a little tired of all the photos I was snapping. Or maybe he was hungry. Or he wanted to be picked up and held. Or he had a gas pain. Or his diaper was too tight. :) How good were YOU at knowing your baby's cries? (he's going to get me for this! Actually, he won't care. SHE'S going to get me for this!)
big boys don't cry

When we left their house last night the sun finally broke through.
here comes the sun

And by the time we got home it was doing this...
and there was light


Anonymous said...

oh if pictures could talk !!
This sure is a dreamy one!!

ox, nana said...

Your Ma & Pa in the (early) sunset of their lives and yes ...still in love!

PS. The next time I see you with that camera I'm going to!!

Jenn said...

I love the pic of your parents - it truly captures their love for each other!! Happy anniversary to my fav FlyMomma!!