Sunday, June 01, 2008

more magnificent Oregon coast

As reluctant as we were to leave Bandon, we had a lot more coast to see. This sea gull came to the backdoor to say goodbye.
sea gull saying goodbye

One last look at the Bandon coastline...
bandon coast

Then we were in for a strange and beautiful day! The heat wave the west coast experienced created a huge wall of fog over parts of the ocean. In some places, we were in the thick of it, other times OVER it, other times beside it.
isaac at foggy overlook
sophia at foggy overlook

We happened upon some seals, including a newborn and her mama. It was just an hour old (the naturalists there told us) and we could see the umbilical cord as it wiggled around its mama. Another baby was a day old. They were the lucky ones. The day before 3 Orcas (think Shamu) came up on the beach and ate some. While we were ohhing and ahhing, an immature bald eagle swooped down for the afterbirth.
newborn seal
seals and babies

Then we visited a beautiful botanical garden along the coast.
botanical gardens


pretty in pink

botanical gardens

These beautiful sheep were grazing on their beautiful field, with a beautiful ocean behind them.'s somewhere under all that fog!
sheep guarding the park

Back out in the sun, though you can see the wall of fog in the distance...
purple flowers majesty

And speaking of fog, here's a fog capped mountain.
fog capped mountain

more fog

Here we're on TOP of the fog.
on top of the clouds on top of the ocean

And... beside the fog. Look how thick!
wall of fog

The kids pleaded at every potentially accessible beach to get out. Cliffs are beautiful, but you can't play chicken with the waves on a cliff. This was a good beach to let them have at it. If you look closely, you can see Isaac fist pumping again. It was him against the waves the whole trip. Oh, and yes...that is the wall of fog ahead.
here we come

And finally, the sun started to go down on another beautiful day on the Oregon coast. The next day we headed back into California.
oregon coast sun setting

more sunset oregon beach

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