Sunday, August 10, 2008

if you build it, she will come (with camera in tow)

tech deck

tech deck trunks

I love it when this boy creates things. He used to have his own fleet of homemade (paper) garbage trucks lined up in his room. He once had a "Blue Bay Bridge" that spanned one side of his room to the other (made with blue cardstock and duct tape, complete with matchbox cars lined up on it). He's had lockboxes on his doorknob (Homemade. With cardboard. VERY secure.) He's also good at making cookies, macaroni and cheese, and pancakes. And messes. But I digress.

His latest creation is a skate park, and he never, ever has to wear a helmet at this skatepark. I love it. Apparently he does too, because he actually let me take pictures of it. And him. Enjoy. It might be a while before this rare occurance happens again.
take off

ready to land

mid air

rail slide full

rail slide


skate park


ox, nana said...

Great finger dexterity ... IF ONLY Isaac would use (some) of those moves on the ivory keys he used to play. Sophia must miss his piano playing, too. She finally got Papaw out of his 'easy chair' this evening and learned a new 'one finger' song:) Happy Birthday has now been replaced with Amazing Grace!

ox, nana said...

PS. This morning after breakfast Sophia was eager to practice her new tune. And then it came to me how appropriate it was to go from Happy Birthday (birth) to Amazing Grace (rebirth) ...
'how sweet the sound"!

Robin's Reports said...

Cool pics. My boys would love to come play with Isaac. Tell him I think he did a great job on the ramp.