Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day!

My screensaver started back up for some reason, so all our vacation pictures started scrolling and caused some serious vacation withdrawal. It's time to revisit our trip.

We loved our stay in Trinidad, California, which is a tiny coastal town up on the cliffs. We awoke to seals barking and couldn't wait to get up and look around. Trinidad cottage
The evening before, I made dinner while the kids tossed football in the "back yard" with Dad, and then we ate out on this picnic table.
Trinidad cottage view

There were seals covering these rocks.
coast in Trinidad, CA

There was a good chance we saw a whale out there too, but it never surfaced enough to be sure. Seemed like it was just lying in wait for some seal breakfast.
seals on california coast

We spent part of the day driving through the Avenue of the Giants (remember the beautiful, green clovers, ferns, and TALL trees?) and eventually got pretty desperate for some place to eat. There isn't much civilization around when you're hugging the California coast with little towns dotted here and there. Our GPS told us there was an organic place called Nacho Mama's so we followed the directions and found this:
Nacho Mama
We ordered our (delicious) burritos and were on our way.

We saw a sign for a drive-thru tree and couldn't resist taking a bit of a sidetrack to experience it. Here we are in the van, in the tree.
inside the van inside the tree

Then I hopped out and had Craig drive through it again.
drive thru tree

Sophia is trying the tree on for size.
putting it in perspective

A short video of the third drive through!

Back on the curvy, coastal road, the sun started to set on another fantastic day.
california sunset

california coast again

california coast


Robin's Reports said...

I don't know what I love more. The rocky coastal landscape or the drive-through tree. I'm fascinated with that.

Jenn said...

Love all the vacay pics, and the pics of Issac are wonderful!! You're getting really good with the camera. The light you captured on the CA sunset is amazing!

ox, nana said...

How 'sweet' to travel 'once again' to your vacation memories ... and it doesn't cost a dime!