Friday, August 22, 2008

uncanny resemblance

I've been getting a little nostalgic lately since Isaac is turning 13 on Monday. Celebrating our 15th anniversary and our first born becoming a teenager all in the same month has created a lot of emotions to process.

It's also made me curious about the whole family tree thing and wondering who our ancestors really are, what they look like, where they came from.

When Isaac was born I heard rumors from the extended family that we had an "interesting bloodline" and there were whispers that Isaac had an uncanny resemblance to some long ago great-great-great-somebody.

Finally, 13 years later I think I've stumbled onto something. I found a picture of Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandpa Rex in an old box of family photos and it blew me away. Then I dug out a picture of Isaac from when he was 4 and when I put them side by side, I knew I was one step closer to completing the puzzle.

In the very least, this sheds some light on some of those rather unusual behaviors he's had (you know, the rumblings, the stomping, the ravenous appetite). There's no denying it, but at least it's on Craig's side of the family. :)

uncanny resemblance


ox, nana said...

Oh! How well I remember those days. Isaac would hide himself in that costume and become quite the 'center of attention'. Yes was a scary, scary time! lol So happy he has now gravitated to the 'maternal' side of his family. We're just 'plain crazy'! he he


Robin's Reports said...

I didn't remember that Isaac and my youngest shared a special day. He'll be 9yo.

Happy Birthday Isaac.