Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mendocino, California

I'm slowly working through the rest of the vacation pictures. We had to wait until the last day of the trip for this view. This was taken from our balcony. We had researched it well and could not wait to get down to this private cove.
view from room in Mendocino

This was part of our research. We GoogleEarth-ed every place we had mapped out to go, and this one had us really excited. The Pine Beach Inn had private access to a cove, and we were just drooling over how cool it looked from space.
pine beach inn cove on google earth

See these gorgeous white capped waves? Beautiful to look at, but that meant it was windy. And not just any "windy." Gale force winds. Yup, there were gale warnings all along the coast that day.
view from room in Mendocino (zoom)

But we had come a long way and paid a lot of money to not stay an any ol' chain motel, so we bundled up and headed down to "our cove."
sophia at the pine beach inn cove

sophia pine beach inn cove

sophia exploring the cove

isaac exploring the cove

isaac exploring the cove (zoom)

gale warning winds

king of mendocino

Along the path back to the room...
dandelions at mendocino

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Jenn said...

What a gorgeous cove - and how smart of you to research it via GoogleEarth! How is the scrapbooking of the vacation coming?