Saturday, September 06, 2008

calling all clowns

Sophia headed out to get the mail a couple of days ago and found THIS on the porch!
(addresses photoshopped to protect the guilty!)
what's this

Of course I grabbed my camera before they were allowed to tear into it, but then they had at it.
the big reveal

When you can't go to the Labor Day carnival, it pays to have a cool aunt, uncle, and cousins who send the carnival to you, Priority Mail!

Out came ribbons, balloons, candy, stickers, pencils, animals, toy games, animal hats, silly face glasses, sidewalk chalk, peanuts, popcorn, and even a CD of carnival music! Oh, and even shoelaces!
even shoestrings!


stuffin' it

elephants on parade

This picture only hints at how silly and fun this was!
pretty is as pretty does

sophia's makeover

Isaac's makeover

And yes, even I had to participate while Sophia wielded the camera.
even mommy

Uh...what just happened here?
what just happened here?

And last but far from least, here's a picture (thanks to Dawn!) of my brother, Stephen,
fulfilling his childhood dreams. Wish I could've seen this in person!
Stephen the Silly


ox, nana said...

Just getting a card in the mail always brings a smile to my face but this looks 'over the top' exciting!
How thoughtful, and so like Sheila to do this!

Brother and sister, yet so different ... he's the extrovert and you Sharie the shy one. Hmm... does that make Kimberly the odd one? JUST KIDDING! he he

Thanks for sharing all this Carnival fun, fun, fun!

Dawn said...

HAHAHA how FUN!!! good ol' Sheila!!