Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ode to my family

Oh, how do I miss you? Let me count the ways.

Give me a minute.

I'm thinnnnking...

Hold on.

Oh! I've got one! I miss you taking out the trash for me, Isaac. Oh wait. There IS no trash because no one is here to make any.

Here's one! I miss you clearing the dinner dishes, Sophia. Oh shoot, that's not gonna work either. There ARE no dinner dishes since there is no one here to cook for.

Okay, okay, I've got one! I miss you carrying up the laundry basket for me, Honey. Hmmm... doggonit. There IS no laundry to do since it's just little ol' me here.

Well, surely I miss something while my dear ones are away.

Of course I do. I'm just teasing. I miss a house full of joy, laughter, hugs, sweet voices, kisses, pats, singing, patty cake, piano playing, smooches, footsteps, butterfly kisses, adorable faces, cuddles, jokes, tousling hair, and fun conversations. And kisses and hugs. And smooches. And kisses. And hugs. And smooches.

I miss the love.

I miss Isaac. I miss Sophia. I miss Honey.

I miss being a mom. I miss being a wife.

Hurry home. (but not before Thursday evening. I'm enjoying this!)

God Bless the Moon

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Robin's Reports said...

Very sweet. How strange it must feel to not be needed.