Wednesday, October 22, 2008

meet my guest

Today I have a guest blogger. Meet Felicity. Felicity, take it away.

Thanks, Grandma. I just wanted to tell Mommy that I miss her while she's in Gatlinburg with Grandpa and Uncle Isaac.

Hi Mommy! Elizabeth and I have been talking about how much we love you and our other sister, Emma, and we can't wait to see you tomorrow.

We heard that Grandpa is doing all kinds of fun things with you, like hiking, boulder climbing, creek jumping, dining, go-carting, shoe shopping, doll clothes shopping, swimming, tossing football, and sight seeing! You're so lucky!

Grandma says that she loves Grandpa more than ever for taking such good care of you in Gatlinburg so she can get some things done here at home. I think she even said she can't wait to kiss him!

Well, I better go. Grandma needs the computer back.
We miss you, Mommy!
Love always,
Felicity and Elizabeth

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ox, nana said...

Wow! Your new-est camera took a fabulous shot of my great grand-'dolls'! he he How is mommy Sophia standing it ...being on vacation without her girls?