Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a cute little story

I have a million good things to say about Isaac lately, but I'm going to start with the most recent "feel good" story. While Sophia was out at Nana and Papaw's spending the night Sunday Isaac got bored. And then inspired!

He decided to make a basketball jersey for Sophia's dolls. Remember how basketball is the only thing on his mind lately? Well, her dolls are the LAST thing he'd ever want to think about. Or touch. Or be near. But he set his manly testosterone and pride aside (temporarily) to combine his passion with hers to do something really special.

After five failed attempts at cutting up and sewing one of his old T-shirts, he enlisted my help. Together we whipped out (wellll... like 2 hours!) a cute little outfit for a cute little sister who has three cute little dolls. (remember, this is a cute little story)

He could hardly wait for Sophia to get home!
(Wait! What's that she's bringing in?!?)

Emma was poised and ready.


Ahhh, looks like we weren't the only ones making something! Nana and Sophia baked up some pink delights!


ox, nana said...

That's the coolest Nike knock-off I've ever seen! Maybe, Sophia should leave more often to fuel his creative juices:)

How sweet was that, Sophia had made something 'special' for him, too. Well, okay not just for him ...
he he!

Sharie said...

Given the amount of bickering back and forth I heard over those cupcakes, I seriously doubt she made those cupcakes FOR him! But for a while there was sweetness all around!

sophia said...

that basketball outfit is so cute i love it thank you isaac.