Friday, March 27, 2009

a Brio kind of birthday

Honey and I took advantage of the beautiful weather Tuesday and went to Brio for my birthday dinner and then to our favorite park.


I had been seriously craving THE pizza that makes me swoon, and it takes a special occasion for us to pay $11 for a single-serving pizza.

Well, I guess we also pay for this fancy decor. I love this place! Photobucket

I was tempted to take pictures in the bathroom, but even I thought that might be crossing the line. If the kids ever try to say, "You take pictures of everything!" I can now confidently say that's not true!


Robin's Reports said...

I had to LOL at your last paragraph. My dh doesn't understand my passion for photographing food .... and everything else.

I have pulled out my camera at fish markets & some stores. Dh tells people that I'm a tourist. He's rather embarassed by it. Is Craig?

Anyhow, happy early birthday and it looks like you had a great date.

Sharie said...

Craig isn't embarrassed by much of anything. He doesn't care what people think, unlike ME! It's hard for me to pull my camera out in public places. The waiters here were watching me and I felt like an idiot, so I put it up! They probably thought I was a food-reviewer or something!