Wednesday, March 04, 2009

sleepover in style

Sophia invited herself to Nana's (again) and she brought her entourage with her. They got to camp out in my old room, newly painted and newly carpeted.


Of course it was newly painted and newly carpeted when I slept there 29 years ago when I was her age! (that's so weird to even THINK!) I even had my doll, Chrissy, sleeping in her homemade doll bed next to me on the floor on the right and a Barbie townhouse, complete with elevator and grand piano, on the left.

But back to the future...

Notice these darling sleeping bags the girls are cuddled up in? Nana made them for Christmas and I've been so negligent taking pictures. I'm so glad she captured this sweet moment!

The next morning all the girls woke up and enjoyed a little quiet time reading.
(notice the matching pillows?!)


This looks so lovey I wish I was there so I could've crawled under the blanket with Sophia and enjoyed the beautiful morning back in my room with my girl.


ox, nana said...

Deja vu! I love the "good ol' days" picture ...sniff, sniff! You and Sophia could be twins:) Cherish every moment with Sophia ... she'll be as 'old' as you before you know it!!

Anonymous said... beautiful daughter will make a wonderful wife and mother someday!! Love, Daddy

Sophia said...

Wow I never saw that picture of Mommy laying there! And my dolls wouldn't of been so cuddly if it wasn't for Nana making the sleeping bags. They love them! And me and Mom look kinda alike :-)

Jenn said...

Love the pics, how sweet that some things never change!! My grandma made sleeping bags and pillows for my Barbies.

I so had that same Barbie townhouse when I was little. Got it as a hand-me-down from one of our neighbors!

Thanks for sharing (and bringing back) memories.

Deborah said...

Hi! I am visiting from "Robin's Reports." This was such a sweet post! I love the sleeping bags and pillows! Your little girl is blessed with lots and lots of love. I enjoyed my visit.