Thursday, July 09, 2009

vintage class assignment


is it just me, or does she look a little evil in this picture? I can't love it, and I think it's her eyes. The light was behind her, so her eyes are shadowed.


Amber (bambi64) said...

Maybe this is the one you need sassy on!! lol Love the vintage/color look and that word art is perfect. Looks like I need to go find that one too!

ox, nana said...

Looks like she's watching Isaac finally getting 'caught' playing one of his little mischievous pranks! Payback eyes? :)

Robin's Reports said...

I think the shadowing ended up maturing her look in 2D. Ahhhh, the many looks of a woman. We all are Mona Lisa.

The shuttle finally went up tonight. I think this was something like the 6th try on this mission.