Friday, October 16, 2009

fix photos. check!

On our first trip to California 3 years ago, I got some fantastic photos. Or so I thought. As they hung on my living room wall for all this time, I've grown to hate them. Be embarrassed by them. Wanted to rip them down.

Slowly improving my photography knowledge and photoshop skills over the past 2 years meant a slow death for those photos, but also a rising eagerness to fix them.

Honey and I sit on the loveseat most every day and inevitably my eyes and mind would wander to the photos on the wall behind him while he's whispering sweet nothings. My eyes have traced and cloned and brushed those photos over and over. It's a wonder my eyes didn't bore holes in them.

Today, while I watched my Sweets blow me kisses from Williamsburg on one of the town's webcams, I hunted down our 2006 vacation photo disc and went to work.

And tonight I will sleep much better and dream of actually listening the sweet nothings on our next loveseat date.



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craig said...

What a talent and ooohhhhhhh what a wonderful wife and mommy.....we miss and love you!!!