Thursday, October 15, 2009

silence is golden


I bid farewell again to my loves today! Has it been a year already? I didn't take pictures this time because I knew I had this one from last October that I love so well from when they went to Gatlinburg for 5 days.

This time they headed to Williamsburg, VA since we still have our annual passes from our trip in April. So I've got 8 days to do 80 million projects. Okay, not really, but exaggerations are always more fun than the truth, aren't they? For the real record (is that redundant, like the end result?), I do have 8 days, just not 80 million projects! :)

My mind is still swirling around the thought... did Honey really just take the kids to Williamsburg for 8 days by himself so I could have time by myself? Isn't that just the most amazing thing? He is so, so, so good to me. How am I going to get through this week without him?

I guess my stash of special dark chocolate coated cookies will have to do.

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craig said...

If anyone deserves a break for one week out of the year, it is you, my love. Thanks for taking care of the three of us and for being a wonderful wife and mommy. Enjoy your week!!!!!!! Love and miss you!