Monday, October 05, 2009

I'm all aglow

fire in the sky

Point Lobos sunset

fire on the beach

oceanside bonfire

fire in my heart

Lying on our blanket
on the sand
being warmed by the fire
and our love
listening to the ocean waves
gazing at millions of lights
that were winking at us.
Pinch me.

big dipper over ocean

So this is love, mmmm
so this is love
this is what makes life divine.

I'm all aglow, and now I know, hmmm

My heart has wings
And I can fly
I'll touch ev'ry star in the sky.

(name that Disney song)

big dipper over bonfire

(and though I've been known to photoshop things into place, this photo is presented to you as-is. As-was, actually.)


craig said...

Oooohhhh the memories.....My love for you is as the inumerable amount of stars we saw that night!!!

All my love, Craig

Robin's Reports said...

Oh how beautiful. How romantic. Ahhhhh (sigh).....

Ok. I have to ask you. Where did you go to get such beautiful city & sea pictures like that.